Anti Viral Mask

Anti Viral Mask

A process for making a face masks comprising offering a filter materials as claimed in any one oc claims and forming the filter material into a face masks. Loading conditions have been set to load gm2 of the solids within the loading solution, aiming at 35 gm2 of such solids. Excess loading answer could be squeezed out by rollers if necessary. It was found to be convenient to incorporate a dye, usually blue, into the loading solution so that the colour of the dye deposited on the material shows that the loading answer has been applied. Using this polyester materials it was famous that a better loading % of solids was achieved than with polypropylene. Relative to polypropylene the loaded polyester material had a better visible look, was not sticky or slippery and fewer visible look of deposited material flaking off.

Further experiments were carried out using a polyester substrate materials. Swatches of non- woven polypropylene as above were handled with these loading solutions and allowed to dry. Treated swatches (2.fifty four cm x 2.54 cm) were uncovered to Influenza A in 0.2 ml water for various times (0.5 min., min, 5 min, 60 min.) then the answer was eluted and tested for viral activity.

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A poly- polymer could have its -COOH groups instantly linked to its backbone, or the polymer may be a so-called grafted or dendritic polymers by which the -COOH teams are attached to side chains branching off from the backbone. This masks has been made with two layers of cloth designed to cover the mouth and nose and secured with ear-loops. Tested in opposition to the flu virus it’ll nonetheless work after 15 washes and is actually comfy for the wearer. The novel antimicrobial agent offers an invisible microbiostatic coating to inhibit the growth of odour causing bacteria.

anti viral mask

Besides, the fungicidal properties were verified on the INTI. Water repellent know-how– balances humidity and temperature levels whilst repelling droplets containing viruses and micro organism. The DiOX know-how is predicated on quaternary ammonium salts – organic compounds widely used in the textile industry for his or her antimicrobial properties.

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